Why installing a wood stove makes perfect sense

Word on the street is that gas and electricity bills are about to rise due to the weaker pound and all the recent financial turmoil caused by the Covid-19 problems.

A wood burning stove could be the long-term answer to these rising costs and certainly warrants more investigation. Experts are predicting a very volatile twelve months ahead due mainly to the pandemic.

You can cut your energy bill
As the cost of electricity, oil and gas remains sky high, heating a property can be extremely expensive. Although the initial cost of a wood burner may be more than a gas fire, it will certainly save you money in the long run. When used efficiently, a kilowatt of heat per hour costs about one fifth of kWh of electricity and about one third of kWh of oil and gas.

The heat is unique
One of the main reasons many people choose to install a stove is because they have a unique heat. This warmth feels cosy and more pleasant than other types of fuel. Did you know that wood burners emit heat for a long time after it has actually gone out? Something that gas fires do not do. There is nothing like sitting in front of a wood burner.

They are eye-catching
Wood burners look decorative and they have a certain magnetic quality. They are great for social gatherings as many people, whether it’s at home or in a restaurant, tend to gather around the open fire as a social activity.

Can we help?

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