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Wood Stove Choices

Wood stove Choices – What’s all the fuss about!!

Style and elegance.

As well as giving you a wonderful source of heat which is ideal during these colder months, wood burning stoves also look great. When you add one to your room, you will find that the wood burner becomes a new focal point, adding character and style to the living space.

The heat output is amazing.

One of the most desirable features and benefits of a wood burner is the heat output it produces. A wood burning stove provides a powerful heat source for your home. This means that the room or rooms get warm very quickly and effectively. Just ask anyone who has installed one recently.

There are wood burners available in a range of sizes and with varying energy output levels, so you can choose a model that is appropriate for the size of the area you wish to heat. It is recommended to seek professional advice (HETAS registered) fitter in choosing as selecting the wrong stove could very costly.

Are they good for the environment?

Compared with using fossil fuels for heat (natural gas, propane, coal, etc.) wood is eco-friendlier. It’s considered “carbon-neutral,” which means when it burns, it doesn’t add additional carbon dioxide to the environment. This is because in its natural state as a tree, wood absorbs carbon dioxide that’s in the atmosphere. During combustion, a balance is maintained.

 Can we help?

 If you are thinking of installing a wood burning stove, please contact us.  One of our fully qualified (HETAS Registered) advisers will be happy to assist.

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Woodstove for Cheaper Heating

Woodstove For Cheaper Heating

Forward planning is a must to install a new wood burner!!

Due to the popularity of wood stoves HETAS registered fitters are busier than ever.

This is causing long waiting lists, so if you want a new heating machine fitted best act NOW.

Efficiency and exceptionally good looking!

A modern wood burner is more efficient than many central heating systems and far more appealing to look at than a traditional white radiator.

Economical heating to reduce those awful heating bills!!

Wood is an inexpensive fuel source. It costs less per BTU than oil, gas or electricity. Homeowners who practice strategic zone heating in their homes can save hundreds of ££’s on utility bills each year.

Quality heating and far more comfortable

The biggest advantage homeowners have with a wood burning stove is the quality of heat the burner will give off. Wood stoves operate on the principal of radiant heat, which warms an area faster and more efficiently than warm air being blown through a home’s vent system. The powerful heat from a wood stove radiates from all sides of the unit as well as the top, sending warmth in all directions. Fitted in a central position in your home you

The appeal is not just about installing a fashion statement. 

According to numerous reports, regular use of a wood burner can knock a third off fuel bills, providing savings of at least £1000 a year.

There is a huge range of stoves to choose from, ranging in price from £500 to more than £2,000.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of adding a wood burning stove to your home, please do make contact and one of our fully qualified (HETAS registered) fitters will be happy to assist.


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Siting Your Stove is Important

Siting Your Stove. Get expert advice before buying or installing it could save you ££££££.

The type of wood burner Stove you choose can impact where you can safely place the stove in your home.

Steel stoves, often feature double-wall construction, which means they can be placed closer to a wall than other types of stoves. The double-wall construction helps to prevent heat from spreading. This protects surrounding surfaces from damage or fire.

Cast iron stoves, on the other hand, require more clearance space for safety. Cast Iron Stoves should not be placed near a wall or other furnishings.

As you can see there are plenty of important decisions to make when selecting your new stove. If you would like assistance, please do contact us and one of our (HETAS registered) advisers will be happy to help.

 Steel or cast iron? again seek advice to its suitability for your home.

Wood burning stoves bring the rich scent of burning wood. Aswell as the cosy crackle of a warm fire to indoor living spaces. When shopping for a wood burning stove, you can choose from just a few common materials. These include traditional cast iron and more modern steel units.

Consider factors such as maintenance, appearance, construction, and operation. This is important when you are comparing these materials to narrow your selection and find the right model for your home.

It is highly recommended to speak to a qualified fitter who can explain all the pros and cons of each metal.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a wood burning stove, please contact us and one of our fully qualified (HETAS Registered) advisers will be happy to assist.


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Save on Heating Costs

Save on Heating Costs. A fireplace and professionally fitted wood stove can add as much as 5% to the value of your home, thanks to its wow factor.

It can also save you a great deal of money. While energy firms have been hiking up the price of gas and electricity by 50% or more this year, the cost of a wood stove has remained constant.

Research shows that an average family are spending over £300 per month just heating a 3-bedroomed house.

A wood burning stove could be the answer to reducing these outgoings, stove sales are at the highest we have ever seen for this time of year as homeowners prepare for the future.

When installing a new wood stove, it is recommended to use a registered fitter.

The installation of a wood burner must comply with building regulations and the easiest way to do this is to use a qualified fitter.

Our HETAS-registered installers deal with wood, solid-fuel domestic heating appliances and certify that their work complies with building regulations, so it’s safe and legal.

Benefits of using a registered fitter.

  • Safety
  • Easier to insure your property.
  • Peace of mind
  • Long term support
  • Qualified advice

Efficiency is vital, especially nowadays.

As lovely as open fires are they are not energy efficient and only give approximately 20% output. Wood burning stoves are much more efficient, at around 70-90%, so you get all the benefits of a real fire without most of your money going up the chimney! Contact Us for a no obligation Quote.