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Updating your home?

If you’re considering creating or redesigning your home this year, have you researched which features are essential for you? Apart from the appeal of a super new home do think about how you could improve the heating and in turn reduce costs.

There is nothing more magical for the family than gathering up the wood and settling down on the sofa, feet up, as the fire burns long into the evening.

Sales of wooding burning stoves are going to reach record levels this year and the future looks very bright and very warm indeed. If you read all the reports energy prices are increasing and continue to do so as the Brexit talks linger on. The pound remains weak and all the experts say this could continue for months to come as the UK faces an uncertain future. Read more

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Sales start 2019 very positively

More than one and a quarter million UK homes are already using wood burning stoves, with average annual UK sales of more than 188,000 units and rising by the day.

These days a roaring open fire with the heat escaping up the chimney has fallen from favour. Now homeowners are installing a wood burning stove in the place where the open fire used to be.  A wood stove/burner gives out five times as much heat as a regular fireplace and heats a far bigger part of the house.

Log burners have become a fashion statement and very trendy with many now having inspiring designs that have made them ornamental focal points. Add to this their impressive green credentials and the fact they make your home more energy efficient. You also become less dependent on energy suppliers, so it’s not hard to understand the popularity of wood burning stoves. Read more

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Wood stoves gaining ground

The market for wood burning stoves is increasing annually and over the last ten years we have seen huge strides towards solving environmental issues. Usually at this time of year interest increases due to colder weather but last year saw no let-up in activity throughout the year.

Due to rising fuel bills homeowners are seeking alternative cost-effective heating options.

Wood burning stoves are a real alternative, these days they really do offer an impressive range of options to meet your home’s needs. Long gone are the days when wood burners were seen as an ugly and dirty heating source.  Read more