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Efficiency and a wow factor!

A modern wood burner is more efficient than many central heating systems and far more appealing to look at than a traditional white radiator.

According to the National Association of Chimney Sweeps, the number of stoves being installed each year has more than doubled over the past decade.

The appeal is not just about installing a fashion statement.

According to reports, regular use of a wood burner can knock a third off fuel bills, providing savings of at least £650 a year.

There is a huge range of stoves to choose from, ranging in price from £500 to more than £2,000.

A key consideration is how much heat it will pump out. Years ago you had to live in the countryside to enjoy a wood burner, but technological improvements mean they can also provide a great heating solution in many town and city homes. Read more

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Wood burning stoves, why are they so popular?

Wood-burners have become a sought-after design statement during the past 10 years or so.

They can provide a sense of charm and ambiance to a property. Modern wood-burning stoves give your home that warm heart as you sit around with friends and family on winter evenings.

Increased property value

A professionally installed burner can increase the value of your property, estate agents around the Country will tell you that a home with a certified log burner is very sought after.

Rising fuel bills are on the way 

Due to rising fuel bills, homeowners are seeking different cost-effective heating options. Wood burning stoves are a very real alternative. These days wood burners offer an impressive range of options to meet your home’s needs. Long gone are the days when wood burners were seen as an ugly and dirty heating source. Read more

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Wood burning stoves are reducing heating bills

Sales of wooding burning stoves are going to reach record levels this year and the future looks very bright and very warm indeed. Reports suggest energy prices are increasing and will continue to do so as the Brexit talks linger on, strange to think these negotiations can have such an effect, but they do. The pound remains weak and all the experts say this could continue for months to come as the UK faces an uncertain future.

Wood-burning stove sales have been increasing rapidly in the past few years and have proved extremely popular in the UK and Europe alike. They are both efficient and practical, stoves have become a really viable heating solution. A stove offers so many plus points including style and ambience within the home plus they save money on those awful heating bills.

Very important are you aware?

It’s a fact that a property with a professionally fitted wood stove can be worth up to 5.5% more than one without, just ask any estate agent. Read more

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Installation of a new wood stove

With the cost of energy seemingly rising on a monthly basis it does warrant investigation as to alternative heating options. Fitting a wood stove could be the perfect solution as they are without doubt far cheaper to run especially if you can source you own fuel.

We are always being asked the best place and way to install a new wood stove appliance. Stoves basically can be installed almost anywhere in the home but as with most things some are far better than others.

When it comes to flue pipes the hard and fast rule is the straighter they are the better the air will flow. Ideally, your piping should rise directly up into a chimney located above the stove, but angles can be added as required.

Straighter or less curved runs create stronger air drafts that will promote more efficient burning and heat creation. This will also reduce the amount of creosote build-up which is far safer for your home thus reducing the risk of chimney fires. Read more

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Thinking of alternative heating this winter?

Gas and electricity bills are about to rise due to the weaker pound yet again, so we are told. Installing and maintaining a wood burning stove could be the long-term answer to these rising costs and certainly warrants more investigation.

Energy experts are predicting a very volatile twelve months ahead due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations so saving money has to be a priority.

What benefits can a wood burning stove offer you? Read more