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Are you looking to install a wood burning stoves?

Firstly get expert advice, it is essential for efficiency and cost saving!

A wood burning stove is simply a home appliance that is used to heat the home. It is usually made of a metal such as cast iron or steel and generates heat by burning wood fuel in an enclosed fire chamber.

They can be placed in most rooms of a house and need to allow fumes and gases to be drawn away from the room and out through flue/chimney.

Wood burners have been around for many years but have risen in popularity in recent times due to their efficiency and low running costs. They have become ever more popular since energy prices started rocketing. Read more

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Start planning now for the winter months

Fact: Heating bills will not stop rising.

Time to take action to save in the long term???

Please do not put off making an appointment due to the coronavirus problems as our order book for the summer months is already filling fast. This is due to homeowners wishing to have independent heating and in turn reduced costs.

Installing a stove can obviously save you money and is something to consider for the future. Make sure you do your homework before deciding as selecting the wrong model for your home could have a detrimental effect. Read more

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Wood burning stove advantages

There is nothing better on a cold winter’s night than breaking out the logs and cranking up the wood burner.

Stoves come in all shapes and sizes these days and there is sure to be one to match your wishes. Energy prices are on the rise so installing a wood burning stove could be an answer to keeping them under control.

Here are a few things you should know before you get one.

  1. Much more efficient than other heating.

As great as open fires are in many ways, they are not very energy efficient, at only around 20%. Wood burning stoves are far more efficient, at around 70-90%, so you get all the benefits of a real fire without most of your money going up the chimney. Read more