A Warmer Home For Winter

Like a warmer home this winter?

A wood burning stove can be installed virtually anywhere in your home, providing there is a way to run a vent pipe to the outside of the house. This means you can zone-heat any room or space, making heating a home with a wood burner very economic and practical.

Economical heating

Wood is an inexpensive fuel source. It costs less per BTU than oil, gas or electricity. Homeowners who practice strategic zone heating in their homes can save hundreds of ££’s in utility bills each year. With the promise that gas and electric prices are going to rise significantly in the coming months wood burning is looking as sound alternative. Read more

Providing warmth and style

One of the most desirable features and benefits of a wood burner is the warmth it provides. A wood burning stove provides a powerful heat source for your home, meaning that the room gets warm quickly and effectively.

There are wood burners available in a range of sizes and with varying energy output levels, so you can choose a model that is appropriate for the size of your home or the room that it will be used in.

It is vital to select the correct wattage output for the room you will be heating so do seek professional advice as it will save you a great deal of money.

As well as giving you a wonderful source of warmth which is ideal during those colder months, wood burning stoves also look great. When you add one to your room, you’ll find that the wood burner becomes a new focal point, adding character and style to the living space. Read more

The best wood for burning in stoves…

To get the best heating results from your stove hardwoods are generally better for burning than softwoods. As a rule of thumb hardwoods are produced by slow-growing deciduous trees and therefore the logs have a greater density than the faster growing softwoods from evergreen trees.

Since hardwood logs are heavier than the same sized softwood logs they will provide you with much more heat output – up to 50%.

For the stove owner, using hardwood logs means having to fill the stove up less often than they would with softwood logs.

Most important: Only ever use dried, fully seasoned chopped wood logs with a moisture content of less than 20%. Always check with your supplier when the wood was cut and how long has it been drying: This should be a minimum of 2 years. Read more

Gas & Electricity rising again

As we all know gas & electricity prices keep on going up and this is without doubt is causing problems for many households. The problem is this situation could well continue for the foreseeable future as the pound remains weak and the Brexit talks continue. So, ask your self is it time to explore the alternatives? If the answer is yes have a very serious look into a wood burner.

Wood burning stoves are getting rave reviews and are now a very serious alternative to any other form of secondary heating. Households up and down the country are looking for cheaper alternatives due to the frantically rising traditional energy supplies. Wood burners come in all shapes and colours these days and will enhance any household.

It is vitally important to have the appliance installed professionally and once done will increase the value of your property. Read more