Heating bills set to increase again this winter

It is being muted that fuel bills are set to rise significantly in the near future. The Brexit talks are under way and the pound remains at a low ebb, this means imported fuels cost more and you can guess who has to foot the bill!!

The price rises are expected to be in the region of between 6% and 10%, at least for electricity, which means your energy bills could take a definite hit. The impact on a typical household bill could be an extra £100 plus a year.

Research shows that an average family are spending over £150 per month just heating a 3-bedroomed house, just imagine this increasing by 10% and how that will affect your family budget.

A wood burning stove could be the answer to reducing these potential rises, stove sales are at the highest we have ever seen for this time of year as homeowners prepare for the future. Read more

Fully qualified fitter to install your new efficient stove

To enjoy using a log burner safely and responsibly it’s important to do your research. Think first about the size of area that needs to be heated (as a rule of thumb, 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic metres of space is needed to make your room 21C when it’s 1C outside).

It is also crucial to have you new or replaced stove installed by a fully qualified fitter for insurance and safety reasons. A fitter will ensure all aspects of your stove are fitted and functioning to the highest standards and therefore heating your room efficiently.

Stoves are a fantastic way to enhance the beauty of your home and give you on those cold nights warmth and comfort. It also is a proven fact that a professionally installed stove will increase the value of your property which can offset any fitting costs. Read more

Getting the best from your stove

The popularity of wood burning stoves and appliances has grown rapidly over the last few years, mostly due to rising energy costs. If you are contemplating investing this summer in a new wood burning stove here are a few pointers to follow.

  • Registered installer

The installation of a wood burning stove must comply with building regulations and the easiest way to do this is to use a qualified fitter.

HETAS-registered installers deal with wood, solid-fuel and biomass domestic heating appliances and can self-certify that their work complies with building regulations, so it’s safe and legal.

  • Check the chimney

The chimney may need to be lined before the wood burner can be installed.

Homes dating from the 1960s onwards should have had a concrete or clay chimney liner fitted when they were built, but get a qualified installer to check out the chimney whatever the age of your home. Read more

Stove sales sky rocket. Is it time to buy that stove?

2016 saw the largest increase in wood burning stove sales ever recorded. It’s worth noting 2017 could very well exceed these figures as the public look for cheaper heating methods.

As we all know heating bills are rising month on month, thank goodness we all get a break during the summer months!

The worrying thing is that fuel prices are lightly to continue to increase in the foreseeable future due to the weak pound and the Brexit talks. It seems everybody looks to blame the “Bexit talks” but the fact is this really is effecting the value of the pound and therefore increases the cost of imported fuel.

A wood burning stove could go a long way to help you reduce your energy bills, for the most part wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly. Read more

Cheaper way to heat your home

Summer is the time to act.

Energy costs have rocketed in the last 12 months, with the average energy bill rising by £145 per year in the last 6 months according to the latest figures just released. Could a wood-burning stove be a cheaper way to heat your home?

DIY super stores around the country certainly think so, revealing a 227% increase in sales for solid fuel burners over the last six months.

You can see why – the idea of escaping the clutches of the energy providers and being able to literally grow your own fuel would appeal to most of us.

How much does a solid fuel stove cost?

A standard 5kW stove sells for £350 to £800, although it can be far higher depending on the model. You need to have it installed by a qualified fitter for safety and insurance purposes and the chimney will probably need to be lined. This installation cost will vary due to individual requirements. Read more