Beautiful heating solution

Today’s wood heating appliances are designed for beauty and performance. A wood stove or fireplace insert can be the focal point of any room. Regardless of your taste, there’s a stove designed for you and your budget. In fact, it’s difficult to find ugly stoves or inserts nowadays. With so many beautiful stoves to choose from and the costs coming down this does make a great heating solution.

Another great advantage of wood heating is having heat when there is no power. There’s not much more satisfying than being warm and happy around your wood stove when all the lights in the neighborhood are out. You’ll have that pioneer feeling, as you should. You thought ahead!

The biggest advantage homeowners have with a wood burning stove is the quality of heat the burner will give off. Wood stoves operate on the principle of radiant heat, which warms an area faster and more efficiently than warm air being blown through a home’s vent system. Read more

Wood burning stove revolution continues

The sales of wood burning stoves have been rising for a good many years, but now sales are hitting all new levels. This year sales and installations to date are 22% higher than the same period last year. Increased sales are attributed to ever rising energy bills and the homeowner looking to reduce heating bills.

Wood burners also have other benefits including giving a room an ambience and correctly fitted could well increase the value of your property.


As great as open fires are they are not energy efficient and only give approximately 20% output. Wood burning stoves are much more efficient, at around 70-90%, so you get all the benefits of a real fire without most of your money going up the chimney!


When having a new wood stove fitted it is likely your chimney will need to be lined for safety and efficiency.

Homes dating from the mid-1960s onwards should have had a concrete or clay chimney liner fitted when they were built but ask a qualified installer to check out the chimney, whatever the age of your home. Read more

Countless benefits

There are plenty of benefits of using a wood stove to heat your home. The most obvious is the cleanliness of burning wood, which gives off less particulate matter and is a renewable resource, unlike gas-powered alternatives. Another chief benefit is the cost efficiency as wood can cost a great deal less than electricity and gas. If you have your own supply of seasoned wood, then it really is a “no brainer” as they say.

Not to mention a professionally installed stove can add value to your property.

There are some more peripheral benefits about heating your home with a wood-fuelled stove. Wood burning stoves can be used as additional cooking surfaces in the home, perfect for warm cocoa. They also have the added bonus of saving you money on other utilities, like electricity which as we all know is very expensive. Read more

Home improvements this summer?

It’s that time of year again when we all start thinking about home improvements. All DIY superstores will tell you May equals a significant increase in sales.

One thing on all homeowner’s minds is reducing their energy bills, so, if you are thinking of changing things at home do consider installing a wood burning stove. Doing this one thing will in the long term save you a great deal of money on your Gas and Electricity bills.

Wood burning stoves always make great focal points for interiors, they are cleaner and more efficient than open fireplaces, and can save you money on your heating bills. Install one and get ready for your life in the winter months to get a whole lot better.   Read more

Sales keep on rising

There is a kind of primordial attraction to a real fire. We all enjoy coming back to the warming welcoming glow of a home fire after a day stuck in the office and then in commuter traffic.

However, a roaring open fire with the heat escaping up the chimney has fallen from favour. Now it must be a wood burning stove, which gives out five times as much heat as a regular fireplace and heats a far bigger part of the house.

More than one million UK homes are already using wood burning stoves, with average annual UK sales more than 178,000 units and rising.

They have become a fashion statement with many now having inspiring designs that have made them ornamental focal points. Add to this their impressive green credentials and the fact they make your home more energy efficient. You also become less dependent on energy suppliers, so it’s not hard to understand the popularity of wood burning stoves. Read more