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High performance heating solution

Today’s wood heating appliances are designed for beauty and performance. A wood stove or fireplace insert can be the focal point of any room. Regardless of your taste, there’s a stove designed for you and your budget. In fact, it’s difficult to find ugly stoves or inserts nowadays. With so many beautiful stoves to choose from and the costs coming down this does make a great heating solution.

Another great advantage of wood heating is having heat when there is no power. There’s not much more satisfying than being warm and happy around your wood stove when all the lights in the neighbourhood are out. You’ll have that pioneer feeling, as you should. You thought ahead!

The powerful heat from a wood stove radiates from all sides of the unit as well as the top, sending warmth in all directions. Fitted in a central position in your home you will be amazed how the rest of your house suddenly gets a whole lot warmer. Read more

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Wood burning

If you’re thinking of getting a multi-fuel stove, think about what fuel you’re going to use. According to a survey conducted by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), over 70% of multi-fuel stoves owners said they used their stove exclusively to burn wood.

As not all multi-fuel stoves burn wood as efficiently as dedicated wood-burning stoves, those people would be better off with a log burner. Before deciding on your choice it pays to get professional advice from a (HETAS registered) installer. Time spent now could save you hundreds of pounds in the future. Read more

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Why have sales of wood stoves risen in the past decade?

Wood-burning stoves were traditionally found only in countryside homes, which had a shed of wood close by and draughty rooms to keep warm. A decade ago, wood-burners were just not found in towns and city homes, but they’ve since gained ground in urban areas as well which has increased sales considerably.

Are wood stoves effective and efficient?

A professionally fitted wood-burner can shave as much as 45% off your heating bill – although this does not take into consideration the cost of installation.

There are three main elements you’ll need to pay out for – the stove itself, the installation and the fuel. Just imagine if you can source your own wood free of charge from a local woodland the savings you can make.

Stoves now come in a vast variety of models and on average basic stoves cost between £400 and £1500. Read more

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Wood burning stove maintenance.

I’m sure you are all pleased that this winter is now drawing to a close. If you are the proud owner of a wood stove no doubt it has served you and your home well over the cold months. Now is the time to get that heating machine serviced and cleaned ready for the next winter. Engineer’s at this time of year are generally less busy and therefore easier to book.

Wood burning stove maintenance and cleaning mostly consists of regular removal of the ashes which also boosts the stove’s efficiency. Occasional cleaning of the internal surfaces with a wire brush or scraper will also improve your stoves performance. You should always keep a close eye on potential problems such as holes in the ash pan, cracks, spots of rust on the finish and other unusual signs that may indicate damage. Read more

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So many benefits…..

The first question you might ask is “Why would I want to install and use a stove in the first place?”

There are plenty of benefits of using a wood stove for your residential heat. The most obvious is the cleanliness of burning wood, which gives off less particulate matter and is a renewable resource, unlike gas-powered alternatives. Another chief benefit is the cost efficiency as wood can cost a great deal less than electricity and gas. Not to mention a professionally installed stove can add value to your property.

There are some more peripheral benefits about heating your home with a wood-fuelled stove. Wood burning stoves can be used as additional cooking surfaces in your home, perfect for warm cocoa on cold winter days. They also have the added bonus of saving you money on other utilities, like electricity. Read more