Safe & Efficient Stove Installation

Safe & Efficient Stove Installation.

Very efficient, very safe, and elegant into the bargain!!

A professionally fitted wood burning stove can save you hundreds on annual fuel bills. Before having one installed be sure your new heating machine is suitable for your home.

There are a large range of wood burning stoves to choose from. These range in price from £500 to more than £2,500.

A recent survey conducted 12 months after the installation of a new wood stove found from a cross section of the public, that overwhelmingly 92% agreed their heating bills had reduced significantly!!

Homes with a certified fitted wood stove can be worth a lot more money when selling. Also bear in mind some insurance companies will not accept the risk unless the stove has been professionally fitted.

Wood stoves and the environment.

One question our fitters are always asked is how environmentally friendly are they?  The green benefits of burning wood are gaining wider support. Burning wood cleanly only releases the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as from a tree when it is left to rot naturally as it would do at the end of its lifecycle.

What is more, harvested trees are replaced with new trees. As such these in turn absorb CO2 in the process of photosynthesis as they grow. So, in short, good!

A HETAS registered fitter is fully trained in fitting and able to give advice as to the most suitable wood burning stove for the area to be heated.   

Help required?

If you would like assistance selecting your new stove or require help with your existing one, please do make contact and one of our qualified (HETAS registered) fitters will be happy to assist.

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Save On Your Heating Costs

Save On Your Heating Costs.

Make huge savings if you follow these rules!!

Installing a wood burner in your home could save you in the long term a great deal of money. The savings will depend on how efficient your new stove is and the fuel you use.

Crucial – Burning wood with 20% or less moisture will minimise pollutants and increase efficiency. Kiln-dried wood has less than 20% moisture but is more expensive than seasoned logs. Most stove owners burn seasoned logs, and 23% of the owners told us they collect free wood from local resources.

Just imagine the savings you could make if you could source your own wood to burn free. 

A higher-efficiency stove should save you more and potentially cut pollution. New efficient stoves reduce potentially harmful particle emissions by more than 80%, compared with stoves from 10 years ago, according to the Stove Industry Alliance.

A stove can cost varying amounts to buy and install.

Heat efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Seasoned wood burns better than green wood, because it produces more heat and less creosote build-up in the fireplace and chimney. Green or unseasoned wood, on the other hand, is hard to light and difficult to keep burning. If your wood smoulders and burns poorly with little heat, it’s probably green wood.

You can tell if wood is seasoned by looking at it. On the outside, seasoned wood probably looks grey and dusty from sitting around for a while. But on the inside, it’s often dry and white, usually lighter than on the outside. New wood, on the other hand, looks like it came fresh from the timber mill with the same colour throughout the wood.

 Can we assist?

 If you would like help selecting and installing a new wood burning stove, please do make contact. We have fully qualified (HETAS) fitters and advisers waiting to take your enquiry.

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Install a Wood Stove

Install A Wood Stove. With the cost of energy seemingly rising on a monthly basis it does warrant investigation as to alternative heating options.

Fitting A wood Stove

Fitting a wood stove could be the perfect solution. As they are without doubt far cheaper to run especially if you can source you own fuel.

We are always being asked the best place and way to install a new wood stove. Stoves basically can be installed almost anywhere in the home.  But as with most things some are far better positioned than others.

When it comes to flue pipes the hard and fast rule is the straighter they are the better the air will flow. Ideally, your piping should rise directly up into a chimney. As such located above the stove, but angles can be added as required.

Straighter or less curved runs create stronger air drafts that will promote more efficient burning and heat creation.

Installing your new wood burning stove in the centre of your house this without doubt is the favoured option!!

If you can fit centrally once the stove has been lite you will find the whole house will become much warmer very quickly as the central chimney warms up. We always get customers commenting how much warmer the whole house gets and therefore reduces central heating costs accordingly.

Safety and Efficiency

Expert advice is vital for safety and efficiency, plus insurance.

For safety and to maximise efficiency you should always have a professional (HETAS Registered) install your wood or pellet burning appliance. A fully qualified fitter will carefully evaluate everything from your chimney to your floor protection. A certified fitter can also assist you in making the correct choice of stove to heat your home to maximum efficiency.

Can we assist??

If you’re considering buying a new stove for your home please do make contact and one of our HETAS qualified fitters will be happy to assist.


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New Year’s Resolution – Treat your home to a wood stove!

New Year’s Resolution

Treat Your Home To A New Wood Stove! Essentials:

Quality installation is fundamental to your wood burner’s performance and safety. We recommend that you have your wood burner installed by a certified fitter (HETAS Registered).

Follow these guidelines for economy and efficiency

As well as the making sure your new stove will physically fit into its new home, it is important to consider that the stove’s output is sufficient for the room. You should also ensure that it is not too large for the room, as this can cause just as many problems as a stove that is too small.

A stove that is too small for the room will not be powerful enough to heat the room adequately, on the other hand, if you have a stove that is too large it will need constant attention to keep the temperature down. A result of this is the combustion within the stove will not be complete and you will quickly have a build-up of soot not just on the glass, but up the chimney as well.

Calculating the required output.

You should always allow a slightly greater output (no more than 1.5kW), as there will be a greater need for rapid heating in the long dark cold months of winter.

Stoves these days come in all shapes and sizes so there is bound to be one that fits your requirements.

Good for the environment

Burning wood from sustainable forests is carbon neutral. While trees are growing, they capture carbon dioxide from the air. This carbon dioxide is released either when the wood is burnt, or when the tree dies and rots. Some emissions are produced in the transporting and processing of the wood. This is only a very small amount per unit of heat produced.

Can we assist?

If you would like help selecting and installing a new stove, please do contact us. We have fully qualified HETAS registered fitters and advisers waiting to take your enquiry.


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Are Heating Bills High?

Are Heating Bills High?

If your heating bills this winter are presenting you with a problem, do explore what installing a wood burn could do for you.

A Wood Burning Stove:

Installing a wood burning stove could go a long way to help you reduce your energy bills, for the most part wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours so there is bound to be one to fit your home’s needs.

If you decided to install a stove professionally one benefit that nearly always goes un-noticed is how the value of your property will increase!!

In the summer months most homeowners try to forget the cold times and those large fuel bills. But this is the time to act as there are many very good offers available due to fitting engineers are far less busy as the winter months.

Installing a wood burning stove in your home will:

  • Reduce energy bills.
  • Likely increase the value of your property.
  • Give you more control heating your home.
  • Heating during power cuts.

The wood you burn is vital for efficiency:

Obviously with a stove a good supply of wood to burn is essential. The drier the wood is the better it will burn so matured wood is a must for efficiency.

Some of the best timber to burn is Ash, Oak, or Cherry due to their low water content. Storage can be an issue so make sure you have a dry area big enough to store your supply.

Just imagine if you could source a free supply of good timber just how much you could save year on year!

Can we assist?

If you would like help selecting and installing a new wood burning stove, please do make contact. We have fully qualified (HETAS) fitters and advisers waiting to take your enquiry.