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Wood burning stove questions answered

The first question you might ask is “Why would I want to install and use a stove in the first place?”

There are plenty of benefits of using a wood stove for your home heating. The most obvious is the cleanliness of burning wood, which gives off less particulate matter and is a renewable resource, unlike gas-powered alternatives.

Another chief benefit is the cost efficiency as wood can cost a great deal less than electricity and gas, just imagine if you could find your own wood to burn at little or no cost! Not to mention a professionally installed stove can add value to your property, this fact is often missed but any estate agent will tell you it is a selling point.

There are some more peripheral benefits about heating your home with a wood-fuelled stove. Wood burning stoves can be used as additional cooking surfaces in your home, perfect for warm cocoa on cold winter days. They also have the added bonus of saving you money on other utilities, like electricity.

There’s a certain appeal to a wood stove as well, a timeless charm that brings back special memories. Nothing is cosier than to come home to after a long day spent outside in the cold. Read more