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Wood burner benefits

A wood burning stove is simply a home appliance that is used to heat the home (or rooms in a home). It is usually made of a metal such as cast iron or steel and generates heat by burning wood fuel in an enclosed fire chamber.

They can be placed in most rooms of a house and need to allow fumes and gases to be drawn away from the room and out through a chimney or flue.

Wood burners have been around for many years but have risen in popularity in recent times.

So, what are the benefits of wood burning stoves?

Very effective Heat Output

One of the most desirable features and benefits of a wood burner is the heat output it provides. A wood burning stove provides a powerful heat source for your home, meaning that the room gets warm quickly and effectively.

There are wood burners available in a range of sizes and with varying energy output levels, so you can choose a model that is appropriate for the size of your home or the room that it will be used in.

Unique and stylish

As well as giving you a wonderful source of heat which is ideal during those colder months, wood burning stoves also look great. When you add one to your room, you’ll find that the wood burner becomes a new focal point, adding character and style to the living space.

Whether it’s in use or not, the burner will look great in any room. With styles ranging from classic to contemporary, there are plenty of options available for you to buy a wood burning stove which matches the décor of your home.


When it’s cold and miserable outside, many people love to get snug in the comfort of their own home. A wood burning stove is a great way to provide this homely ambience, with its combination of cosy heat and also the visual impact of roaring flames dancing in the room.

Whether it’s to spend quality family time together, or even if you live alone, a wood burner can really make your house feel more homely.

Energy efficiency

As a heat source, wood burning stoves are very energy efficient. While an open fireplace is around 20-25% efficient, a wood burner can be as much as 80% efficient.

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Huge increases in electricity & gas tariff’s on the way

Protect yourself and explore the wood burner possibilities

Wood burning stoves are growing in stature day by day, they are now a very serious alternative to any other form of secondary heating.

Households up and down the country are looking for cheaper alternatives due to the frantically rising traditional energy supplies.  

With the promise of more gas and electricity rises on the way it makes a lot of common sense to explore what else is on offer.

Stove advantages

  1. Exceptional heating qualities

The biggest advantage homeowners have with a wood burning stove is the quality of heat the unit gives off. Woods stoves operate on the principal of radiant heat, which warms an area faster and more efficiently than warm air being blown through a home’s vent system. The powerful heat from a wood stove radiates from all sides of the unit as well as the top, sending warmth in all directions.

  1. Good for the environment

Compared with using fossil fuels for heat (natural gas, propane, etc.) wood is much eco-friendlier. It’s considered “carbon-neutral,” which means when it burns, it doesn’t add additional carbon dioxide to the environment. This is because in its natural state as a tree, wood absorbs carbon dioxide that’s in the atmosphere.

  1. Economical, clean, and fast

Wood is an inexpensive fuel source. It costs less per BTU than oil, gas, or electricity. Homeowners who practice strategic zone heating in their homes can save hundreds of £££££’s in utility bills each year.

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Energy bills continue to increase and will continue

The worrying thing is that fuel prices are lightly to continue to increase in the foreseeable future. Recent figures show the UK is importing more energy than ever before from abroad so if the pound remains fairly weak it’s obvious prices will rise.

Could this be a solution for you?

Installing a wood burning stove could go a long way to help you reduce your energy bills, wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours so there is bound to be one to fit your home’s needs.

The wood burnt is UK sourced so exchange rates will not affect the price.    Read more

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Getting the best results from your wood burner

As we all know the dreaded winter months are well and truly on the way, so if you have a wood burning stove NOW is the time get prepared.

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you had your stove cleaned and serviced?

If the answer is more than a year ago then you should act now to ensure your stove produces the heat required for your homes comfort.

If you’re thinking of installing a new stove it must comply with building regulations and the easiest way to do this is to use a qualified fitter.

OFTEC/HETAS-registered installers deal with wood, solid-fuel and biomass domestic heating appliances and can self-certify that their work complies with building regulations, so it’s safe and legal. Read more