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Keep much warmer this winter and save money

Keep much warmer this winter and save money

With the colder weather hitting the UK, how do you stay warm? I am sure you will be like the majority and turn up the thermostat on the central heating system. However, a growing number of people are opting for renewable heating sources instead, such as a wood burning stove.

Log burners claim to not only be good for the environment but also a way to cut the cost of your energy bills, also as a bonus they could add value to your property.

So far in 2019 the stove industry is reporting record sales and installations of the traditional log burner. Sales this year are up a massive 28.4% on the same period last year and HETAS registered fitters around the country are very busy trying to keep pace with the upsurge. Read more

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Wood stove revolution continues  

Wood stove revolution continues

Sales of wood burning stoves continue to increase month on month as the UK public look for ways to reduce their heating bills. Never before has the industry seen such rapid growth, especially this early in the winter months.

The figures go to prove without doubt that the British public are taking very seriously the increased costs of heating their homes. Facts are energy costs can only go upwards with the weakened pound and the turmoil surrounding the UK and Europe.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a shiny new stove, or your thinking of installing one, there are a few things that you need to know to really get the most out of that heating monster in the fireplace. Read more

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Great looking and environmentally friendly!

For the most part, wood-burning stoves are environmentally friendly. However, make sure your wood supplier is committed to replanting the trees harvested and source locally to reduce your carbon footprint.

Wood-burners have risen in popularity for the last five years as more homes discover the benefits they have to offer.

One benefit that always goes un-noticed is how the value of your home will increase after you have installed the burner. Just ask any estate agent and they will tell you a home with a wood stove is far more desirable than one without. Read more

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Looking forward to coming home this winter?

You know the feeling – it’s cold and rainy outside, the wind is howling, and the sun went down hours ago.

But when you’re curled up on the sofa in front of a warm and toasty crackling fire, you won’t give the weather a second thought.

And don’t think a wood-burning stove is only the preserve of a grand country pile – there are plenty of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, so even if your decor is ultra-modern or you’ve only got a compact space to slot one in, rest assured there’s a wood burner for you.

Plus, they’ll help cut your energy bills, giving off enough heat to warm an entire room. So if you’ve been thinking about investing in a wood-burning get some professional advice. Read more

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Make sure you’re ready!

As we all know the dreaded winter months will very soon be with us, so if you have a wood burning stove NOW is the time get prepared.

Have you had your chimney cleaned yet?

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you had your stove cleaned and serviced?

If the answer is more than a year ago then you should act now to ensure your stove produces the heat required for your homes comfort.

Thinking for taking the plunge?

If you’re thinking of installing a new stove it must comply with building regulations and the easiest way to do this is to use a qualified fitter. HETAS-registered installers deal with wood, solid-fuel and biomass domestic heating appliances and can self-certify that their work complies with building regulations, so it’s safe and legal. Read more

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Hardwood is a must for a cleaner environment and efficiency

For the serious fire lover, you may want to invest in hardwoods like oak, ash, hickory, walnut and fruit trees such as apple or cherry.

Hardwoods are denser woods that burn hotter and longer than softwoods, but you’ll need to let them season for up to 2 years.  (Ash is an exception and can be burnt a bit earlier although the wood burns best when seasoned.)

There is absolutely no point in burning unseasoned wood as you will be boiling water, and this is just inefficient and bad for the environment.

You’ll find that hardwood is more expensive to purchase than softwood like pine and fir. But the hardwood burns longer so you’ll need less wood.

The secret to a good fire, is wood that has been seasoned for more than a year. In the case of oak, you’ll want to season the wood at least two years, sometimes longer. Much of the wood for sale now is actually green and needs another year to season. Read more