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Save Money on your Heating Bill this coming Winter

Save Money on your heating bill this coming winter. Installing a wood burner in your home could save you in the long term a great deal of money. The savings will depend on how efficient your new stove is and the fuel you use.

Crucial – Burning wood with 20% or less moisture will minimise pollutants and increase efficiency. Kiln-dried wood has less than 20% moisture but is more expensive than seasoned logs.

Most stove owners burn seasoned logs, and 23% of the owners told us they collect free wood from local resources.
Just imagine the savings you could make if you could source your own wood to burn free.
A higher-efficiency stove should save you more and potentially cut pollution. New efficient stoves reduce potentially harmful particle emissions by more than 80%, compared with stoves from 10 years ago, according to the Stove Industry Alliance.

Not only are wood stoves becoming more eco-friendly, but they’re also more efficient. This means that more heat is used to heat your home rather than being expelled up the chimney.
An open fire loses as much as 75-80% of the heat through the chimney, making them incredibly inefficient at heating homes.
Is your existing stove older than 10 years?
Older stoves will also have a lower efficiency rating, so if you want to ensure you’re getting more heat into your home, then a new stove would be a wise move. Not only is a more efficient stove better for your wallet as you’re spending less on fuel, but it’s also better for the environment.
Can we assist?

If you would like help selecting and installing a new wood burning stove, please do make contact. We have fully qualified (HETAS) fitters and advisers waiting to take your enquiry.

Grab A Summer Stove Bargain

Grab A Summer Stove Bargain. Summertime is here, not so warm yet but….

In the summer months most homeowners try to forget the cold times and those large fuel bills. However this is the time to act as there are many very good offers available. Fitting engineers are far less busy than the winter months. No is the perfect time to grab a summer stove bargain offer.

Installing a wood burning stove in your home will:

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Likely increase the value of your property
  • Give you more control on heating your home

Managing the airflow to gain extra heat

As far as your stove is concerned, air comes in two flavours. Primary air feeds the bed of the fire, and secondary air feeds the flames above it. Additionally nearly all the energy from wood comes from burning gases released when it is heated. This means that secondary air is much more important than primary.

Vital rules you should always follow

Never completely close the secondary air vent. It’s the easiest way to create soot and tar and completely coat the glass on the front of your stove with gunk (a technical term). Also remember you’re always looking for a hot fast burn. This will be the cleanest, most efficient way of running the stove. Also consider a small hot fire is much more efficient than a large slow burning one.

Never burn green damp wood!!

This is the most fundamental thing to get right when you’re burning wood. As such it might be surprising, but green wood is around 45% water. That means that for every kg of green wood you add to the fire, you’re effectively adding around 500ml (a pint) of water.

Can we help?

 If you would like assistance, please do contact us. One of our qualified fitters (HETAS registered) will be happy to help.

save money 136-griselade ideal moisture content

How to Choose a Logburner

How to Choose A Logburner.

Wood burning stove revolution continues to increase.

 Sales of wood burning stoves continue to increase month on month. This as the UK public look for ways to reduce their heating bills.

The figures go to prove without doubt that the British public are taking very seriously the increased costs of heating their homes. Facts are energy costs can only go upwards!!

The range of stoves to choose from increases year on year

New environmental standards for particle emissions came into force in 2022 aimed at creating a cleaner atmosphere.  Stove manufacturers are rolling out eco-friendly burners with a Stove Industry Alliance Eco Design-ready stamp of approval plus new and futuristic designs.

These reduce particle emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to an old-style stove.

What a stove can do for your home.

They can be placed in most rooms of a house and need to allow fumes and gases to be drawn away from the room and out through flue/chimney.

Wood burners have been around for many years but have risen in popularity in recent times due to their efficiency and low running costs.

Expert advice

For your protection and safety, you should always have a fully qualified professional install your wood/pellet burning appliance. At Kent Stoves, we will evaluate everything for you to ensure your safety and maximise efficiency.

Can we help?

If you require assistance, please do make contact and one of our fully qualified fitters will be happy to help.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Stove ?

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Stove ?

A stove installation will again vary depending on the siting of the new stove. Do get professional advice (HETAS registered) as this could save you money both in the short and long term.

As an example, if you already have a chimney, that will make it cheaper. Aas one won’t need to be built. However, it might need to be relined to make sure it won’t let any gases escape into your home.

You can also have a freestanding stove, which doesn’t need a chimney. But you will still need to have the flue (effectively acting as the chimney) fed outside somewhere, which will involve construction work on your home.

When installing a new wood stove, it is recommended to use a registered fitter.

The installation of a wood burner must comply with building regulations and the easiest way to do this is to use a qualified fitter.

HETAS-registered installers deal with wood, solid-fuel and biomass domestic heating appliances and can self-certify that their work complies with building regulations, so it’s safe and legal.

Why install and use a stove in the first place?

There are many benefits of using a wood stove for your residential heat.

The most obvious is the cleanliness of burning wood. Clean dry wood gives off less particulate matter and is a renewable resource. This contrasts with gas powered alternatives.

Another major benefit is the cost efficiency as wood can cost a great deal less than electricity and gas.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a wood burning stove, please contact us and one of our fully qualified (HETAS Registered) advisers will be happy to assist.

best stove for me

Best Stove For Me

Best Stove For Me.

Style, elegance and superb heat!

As well as giving you a wonderful source of heat which is ideal during those colder months, wood burning stoves also look great. When you add one to your room, you’ll find that the wood burner becomes a new focal point. Naturally adding character and style to the living space.

With styles ranging from classic to contemporary, there are plenty of options available for you. Lots to consider when buying a wood burning stove which matches the décor of your home.

There are wood burners available in a range of sizes and with varying energy output levels. We can help you can choose a model that is appropriate for the size of the area you wish to heat.

Get it right!!

If you decide to install or upgrade your wood burner it is absolutely vital to select the correct level of heat output for the size of area to be heated. So many people make the mistake of choosing the incorrect stove for the job.

It is recommended to seek professional advice (HETAS registered) fitter in choosing as selecting the wrong stove could very costly.

Wood burning stoves are exceptionally clean and super-efficient

But please remember firstly and most importantly ….

Burning wood with a moisture level of below 20% will give twice the heat output of freshly felled timber. Also this will help to reduce a build-up of tar in your chimney and the environment.

To achieve this correct moisture level, the wood should be seasoned or matured for approximately two years. Storage should ideally be outside and be stacked to let the air flow around the timber, this will then dry naturally.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a wood burning stove, please contact us.  One of our fully qualified (HETAS Registered) advisers will be happy to assist.

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Plan Ahead For A Stove

Plan Ahead For A Stove

Your wood stove, planning ahead now for the next season!

If you plan ahead for a stove for your home, it should be fairly straight forward. But there are a few steps you should take to keep it efficient and safe.

Be sure to only burn seasoned wood. This will ensure the soot build up over time is minimal and ensure efficiency which equals good heat output.

To keep your stove in good working order, the Stove Industry recommends that you have your chimney swept at the beginning and the end of the winter to avoid a build-up of soot, which could damage the chimney and stove when not in use.

From a safety point of view, blocked chimneys can also cause deadly carbon monoxide.

One sweep should cost no more than £75 and this will be money very well spent.

It’s also worth getting a carbon monoxide alarm to alert you to the presence of the dangerous gas in your home.

Carbon monoxide detectors only cost around £25-30 and monitor whether any carbon monoxide. This is tasteless and odourless and highly poisonous and being expelled. It’s also worth installing a smoke alarm in the room where the stove will be fitted.

Stove cleaning and servicing

Wood burners are becoming very popular, the summer months are usually very quiet for qualified fitters, but this is no longer the case. This year has seen a large rise in installations and here at Kent Stoves we are booked well in advance.

If you would like to have your current stove serviced, we would recommend getting it booked in sooner rather than later.

Talk to an expert?

If you require assistance with a new stove or want your existing one serviced, please make contact. One of our fully qualified fitters (HETAS Registered) will be pleased to help.

Are Stoves A Good Home Improvement ?

Are Stoves A Good Home Improvement?

Are you making home improvements this summer?

It’s that time of year again when we all start thinking about home improvements. All DIY superstores will tell you May equals a significant increase in sales.

One thing on all homeowner’s minds is reducing their energy bills, so, if you are thinking of changing things at home do consider installing a wood burning stove. Doing this one thing will in the long term save you a great deal of money on your Gas and Electricity bills.

Wood burning stoves always make great focal points for interiors. They are cleaner and more efficient than open fireplaces. Also they will save you money on your heating bills. Install one and get ready for your life in the winter months to get a whole lot better and warmer.

If you’re thinking of installing one you should start your planning now. Sales are booming, fitters do have much longer waiting lists than ever before.

A wood stove can add value and ambience to your property.

There are some more peripheral benefits about heating your home with a wood-fuelled stove. Wood burning stoves can be used as additional cooking surfaces in the home, perfect for warm cocoa.

They also have the added bonus of saving you money on other utilities, like electricity which as we all know is expensive.

There are many things to consider when selecting stove to meet your home’s needs. Two of the most important ones. Siting of the stove and the kw required to heat your defined area, get these right and you will save a lot of money!

Can we assist?

If you would like to know more about heating with a wood burner, please make contact and one of our fully qualified fitters (HETAS registered) will be happy to help.

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Heat Efficiency

Heat Efficiency and the secret to a good fire which produces constant heat. Firstly most importantly, wood that has been seasoned for more than a year. In the case of oak, you’ll want to season the wood at least two years, sometimes longer. Much of the wood for sale these days is green and needs another year at least to season correctly.

Seasoned wood burns much better than green wood. This is because it produces more heat and less creosote build-up in the fireplace and chimney. Green or unseasoned wood, on the other hand, is hard to light and difficult to keep burning. If your wood smoulders and burns poorly with little heat, it’s probably green wood which has a high-water content.

You can tell if the wood is seasoned by looking at it. On the outside, seasoned wood probably looks grey and dusty from sitting around for a while. But on the inside, it’s often dry and white, usually lighter than on the outside.

New wood, on the other hand looks like it came fresh from the timber mill. Also new wood will be same colour throughout the wood.

How to save money consistently with Heat Efficiency.

There are two main types of stoves: multi fuel or wood burning. On average 58% of people own a wood burning stove, and 42% a multi fuel stove.

Multi fuel stoves can burn pellets and coal as well as wood. But bear in mind pellet tends to be more expensive. Additionally new eco design stoves offer superior heat efficiency.

Wood can be free. For example, collecting fallen branches from your garden or local woods. But you will need to have space and time to dry the wood out. As such wet wood will burn far less efficiently. Burning wood in a multi fuel stove is also possible. But because these fuels burn differently, stoves are often optimised for one type.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a new wood stove please do get expert advice as fitting the incorrect stove could prove costly. Should you require assistance please do make contact and one of our fully qualified (HETAS registered) fitters. Finally we will be happy to assist and discuss and questions you have without any obligation and even arrange a free install survey


save money 136-griselade ideal moisture content

Ideal Moisture Content For Logs

Ideal Moisture Content and sourcing your wood for the next season.

To make sure you get the most out of your wood-burning stove, and don’t create additional pollution to the atmosphere. It’s important to use the right kind of wood.

Now is the time to source the logs. Stack them correctly and get prepared for the next season. When storing your wood ensure air can flow around. Also this will aid the drying process and produce more heat when burning.

First and foremost.

You need to burn wood that is as dry as possible. It should only contain less than 20% moisture.

Important – You can reduce the moisture content of freshly cut wood by drying it yourself. This is called seasoning. To do this, it’s best to store the wood in a dry place for at least a year, preferably two. To help you work out how dry your wood is, you can also buy a moisture meter. These cost around £20 and are readily available.

For the best results, the wood should be left on a dry surface protected from rain. Leave the sides exposed to air and wind, as it will speed up the drying process. Additionally can buy dedicated wood stores to help with this.

Wood stoves and the environment.

One very important question our fitters are always asked is how environmentally friendly are they?  As such the green benefits of burning wood are gaining wider and wider support. Burning wood cleanly only releases the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as from a tree. This is when it is left to rot naturally as it would do at the end of its lifecycle. Furthermore, harvested trees are replaced with new trees, which in turn absorb CO2 in the process of photosynthesis as they grow.

Can we help?

When thinking of installing a wood burning stove, please contact us. One of our fully qualified (HETAS Registered) advisers will be happy to assist and discuss ideal moisture content.

Fit a Stove this Summer

Fit A Stove Summer is on the way.

This time of year is normally quiet in the stove industry but that is NOT the case these days! Homeowners are getting wise to the savings installing a wood burning stove can have on the family budget.

If you are looking to install this summer be sure the stove meets your needs. Choose a HETAS approved one, which comes from an experienced manufacturer. Apart from the safety element, wood burner stoves have improved so much of late. Therefore it’s vital to select the correct one for your home.

If you choose professional help the fitter will consider your lifestyle and the type of property you reside in. An open-plan, well insulated home for example can use a stove to cut down fuel bills. Also the fitter will explain all the advantages and savings that can be made.

HETAS approval

Poorly installed stoves do pose very real risks from carbon monoxide poisoning to house fires and smoke inhalation, all of which can have devastating and fatal consequences.

It is recommended to use a HETAS qualified fitter to install any wood burning appliance for safety and insurance purposes.

Long term maintenance

A stove is not a “fit and forget” product. The burner itself may need very little maintenance but without regular cleaning soot builds up in the flue and this can cause chimney fires. It is highly recommended to have your burner cleaned and serviced at least once a year for safety and peace of mind.

Log Burner Stove Help?

If you require some assistance with your current or new stove, please do make contact and one of our fully trained (HETAS) registered fitters will be pleased to guide you.