Wood stoves the heating solution?

Wood-burning stoves have been riding the crest of the wave in the past few years and have proved extremely popular in the UK and Europe alike. Both efficient and practical, stoves have become a really viable heating solution. Their owners are also able to make real energy savings.

It’s also a fact that a property with a professionally fitted wood stove can be worth up to 5% more than one without just ask any estate agent. 

Sales of wooding burning stoves are going to reach record levels this year and the future looks very bright and very warm indeed. If you read all the reports energy prices are increasing and continue to do so as the Brexit talks linger on. The pound remains weak and all the experts say this could continue for months to come as the UK faces an uncertain future.

A professionally fitted wood burning stove can save you hundreds on annual fuel bills but do make sure your new burner is suitable for your home. Many people tend to install without seeking professional advice, this is fine, but if you want to get total efficiency do seek advice from a qualified fitter. One thing is for sure, if you have a stove fitted and you are selling the buyer is likely to want to see a certified certificate for the installation of the stove.   Read more

Heating bills hurting your budget?

Heating your home is a very costly exercise and the likelihood of it reducing in the near future is almost nil. Here’s a story that may inspire you.

“Last winter’s gas bills meant it was time to act. An engineer from Kent Stoves confirmed the idea was going to work well for us. We got the old gas fire and pipework removed, measured up our fireplace and started looking for a stove that would fit our relatively small fireplace”.

“We did our homework and got Kent Stoves advice as to the correct wood burner we would need to heat our living area”.

“Three months on, we have slashed our gas and electricity consumption. Although it is a bit early to say with certainty, I estimate we will have cut our bills by £300-£350 this year. We should recoup the cost of the stove and its installation in under three years. Crucially, we have found a local joinery from which we source our wood, so we are now burning waste wood that would otherwise be destined for landfill”. Read more

Wood stove popularity still growing

Not since the Aga has there been a more must-have status symbol for aspirational families. More than 1.3 million homes now have a wood burning stove, with 175,000 new ones being installed every year.

The rise of the trendy domestic stove used to heat a room or an entire house has coincided with a revolutionary shift in the way electricity is being generated in Britain, from coal to wood — and has led to us burning the most wood since the Industrial Revolution.

Wood-burning stoves and boilers have joined Apple Mac computers, Smeg fridges, Nespresso coffee machines and Dyson vacuum cleaners as a badge of honour among the successful and the environmentally conscious. There are even government subsidies designed to tempt householders away from ‘dirty’ carbon fuels to heat their homes and on to ‘clean’ logs and wood pellets. Read more