Making the most of your wood burner to save money

Whilst wood stoves can be used as an alternative for the main heating system in a home, they really are an excellent supplementary support system. In cold periods when the central heating isn’t enough, or you don’t want to turn it on full blast, the stove can be used as a supplement, and this proves particularly cost-effective compared to the cost of electric room heaters.

When your log burner is burning away and working to its full capacity, it’s time to start saving money on your heating bills.

Heat always travels up, and it will do the same in a two-or-more story home. So, if you leave the stairway door and the bedroom doors open, the heat generated will naturally go up the stairs and fill all rooms with warmth. Just ensure the passageway leading upstairs remains open, the heat from the wood stove will warm the upstairs. You will be able within an hour or so to turn the central heating thermostat down a few degrees and in turn start to save an awful lot of money. Read more

Getting the best from your wood stove

Whether you’ve just bought a stove, are thinking of getting one, or have inherited one with a home you’ve moved into, there are several things to consider so you can make the most of your stove.

If you’re thinking of getting a multi-fuel stove, think about what fuel you’re going to use. According to a survey conducted by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), 77% of multi-fuel stoves owners said they used their stove exclusively to burn wood.  As not all multi-fuel stoves burn wood as efficiently as dedicated wood burning stoves, those people would be better off with a log burner.

To make sure you get the most out of your wood burning stove, it’s vital to use the right kind of wood. First and foremost, it’s important that you burn as dry wood as possible – ideally it should only contain less than 20% moisture. In other words, wood that has been drying for at least 18 months.  Read more

Increase the value of your property

Wood-burners have risen in popularity for the last five years as more homes discover the benefits they have to offer. One benefit that generally goes unnoticed is how the value of your home will increase after you have installed the wood burner. Estate agents up and down the country are always pleased to sell a property with a HETAS certified fitted wood burner installed.

One local Kent estate agent commented, “We can always sell a good property with a certified fitted log burner easier, it is a major feature and will add to the price in a sale”. “This coupled with an energy efficient home will definitely see a high price achieved”. Read more

Double bonus – keep warmer and save money!

With the colder weather hitting the UK, how do you stay warm? I am sure you will be like the majority and turn up the thermostat on the central heating system. However, a growing number of people are opting for renewable heating sources instead such as wood-burning stoves.

Log burners claim to not only be good for the environment but also a way to cut the cost of your energy bills, also as a bonus they could add value to your property.

So far in 2018, the stove industry is reporting record sales and installations of the traditional log burner. Sales this year are up a massive 21.4% on the same period last year and HETAS registered fitters around the country are very busy trying to keep pace with the upsurge.  Read more