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Wood stove fitting

An increased awareness of environmental issues, together with rocketing fuel prices, has led to a dramatic uptake in demand for wood burning domestic heating systems.

More than one million UK homes are already using wood burning stoves, and this could be set to rise as the Stove Industry Alliance estimates that wood burning stoves could account for 10% of the UK Government’s carbon reduction targets by 2025.

The installation of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves is “monitored” under the Building Regulations, as is the relining or installation of flues and chimneys associated with such heat producing appliances.

It is highly recommended that stove installation work is carried out by a HETAS registered installer, the reality is that many stoves get put in unprofessionally. Incorrectly installed stoves can be dangerous both to health and a can be fire hazards.

Only use a certified wood stove

To be sure a stove meets your needs, choose a HETAS approved one, which comes from an experienced manufacturer. Apart from the safety element, wood stoves have improved so much of late it’s vital to select the correct one for your home.

If you choose professional help the fitter will consider your lifestyle and the type of property you reside in. An open-plan, well insulated home for example can use a stove to cut down fuel bills, the fitter will explain all the advantages and savings that can be made. Read more

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Shrewd move installing a wood burner!

The appeal of a natural fire is far more than just aesthetic. It can also prove a shrewd investment. A fireplace and professionally fitted wood stove can add as much as 5% to the value of your home, thanks to its wow factor.

It can also save you money. While energy firms have been hiking up the price of gas and electricity by 10% or more this year, the cost of a wood stove has remained constant.

Even though the cost of wood has risen slightly in the last 12 months, if you can get your logs for free just imagine the saving you can make.

Research shows that an average family are spending over £150 per month just heating a 3-bedroomed house, just imagine this increasing by 40% and how that will affect your family budget.

A wood burning stove could be the answer to reducing these potential rises, stove sales are at the highest we have ever seen for this time of year as homeowners prepare for the future.

A wood burning stove is a highly efficient source of heat delivering over 80% economy in many cases.

The new generation of stoves are clean and extremely easy to use making them a must for the majority of homes. A wood burner can be up to 75% cheaper to run than an electric heater and 35% cheaper than a gas effect fire.

Installing a stove can obviously save you money and is something to consider for the future. Make sure you do your homework before deciding as selecting the wrong model for your home could have a detrimental effect.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a new wood burner please do make contact and one of our qualified fitters (HETAS registered) will be happy to assist.


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Siting your new stove is very important 

Always get expert advice before buying or installing it could save you 1000’s

The type of wood burner you choose can impact where you can safely place the stove in your home. Steel stoves often feature double-wall construction, which means they can be placed closer to a wall than other types of stoves. The double-wall construction helps to prevent heat from spreading, which protects surrounding surfaces from damage or fire. Cast iron stoves, on the other hand, require more clearance space for safety, and should not be placed near a wall or other furnishings.

As you can see there are plenty of important decisions to make when selecting your new stove. If you would like assistance please do contact us and one of our (HETAS registered) advisers will be happy to help. 

Steel or cast iron, again seek advice to its suitability for your home?

Wood burning stoves bring the rich scent of burning wood and the cosy crackle of a warm fire to indoor living spaces. When shopping for a wood burning stove, you can choose from just a few common materials, including traditional cast iron and more modern steel units.

Consider factors such as maintenance, appearance, construction and operation when comparing these materials to narrow your selection and find the right model for your home.

It is highly recommended to speak to a qualified fitter who can explain all the pros and cons of each metal.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a wood burning stove please contact us and one of our fully qualified (HETAS Registered) advisers will be happy to assist.



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A wood burning stove, what actually is it and could it benefit me?

A wood burning stove is simply a home appliance that is used to heat the home. It is usually made of a metal such as cast iron or steel and generates heat by burning wood fuel in an enclosed fire chamber.

They can be placed in most rooms of a house and need to allow fumes and gases to be drawn away from the room and out through flue.

Wood burners have been around for many years but have risen in popularity in recent times due to their efficiency and low running costs.

Heat output

One of the most desirable features and benefits of a wood burner is the heat output it produces. A wood burning stove provides a powerful heat source for your home, meaning that the room or rooms get warm very quickly and effectively.

Sourcing your wood.

To make sure you get the most out of your wood-burning stove, and don’t create additional pollution to the atmosphere, it’s important to use the right kind of wood.

First and foremost, you need to burn wood that is as dry as possible – it should only contain less than 20% moisture.

Important You can reduce the moisture content of freshly cut wood by drying it yourself, which is called seasoning. To do this, it’s best to store the wood in a dry place for at least a year, preferably two. To help you work out how dry your wood is, you can also buy a moisture meter – these cost around £20.

For the best results, the wood should be left on a dry surface protected from rain. Leave the sides exposed to air and wind, as it will speed up the drying process. You can buy dedicated wood stores to help with this.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a wood burning stove please contact us and one of our fully qualified (HETAS Registered) advisers will be happy to assist.

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Safety & Efficiency is key to fitting a wood burner

A professionally fitted wood burning stove can save you hundreds on annual fuel bills but do make sure your new burner is suitable for your home.

Many people tend to install without seeking professional advice, this is fine, but if you want to get total efficiency do seek advice from a qualified fitter.

One thing is for sure, if you have a stove fitted and you are selling your property the buyer is likely to want to see a certified certificate for the installation of the stove.

Homes with a certified fitted boiler can be worth a lot more money when selling, also bear in mind some insurance companies will not accept the risk unless the stove has been professionally fitted.

A HETAS registered fitter is fully trained in fitting and able to give advice as to the most suitable wood burning stove for the area to be heated.   

Wood-burning stoves in the past few years and have proved extremely popular in the UK and Europe alike. Both efficient and practical, stoves have become a really viable heating solution. Their owners are also able to make real energy savings. With the cost of energy increasing all the time a wood stove has become a very serious player in the heating market.

Unlike years gone by wood burners now come in various shapes and sizes and many distinct colours so there is bound to be one to suit your home.

Help required?

If you would like assistance selecting your new stove or require help with your existing one, please do make contact and one of our qualified (HETAS reistered) fitters will be happy to assist.


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Select your stove wisely and get advice.

To enjoy using a log burner safely and responsibly, it is important to do your research. Think first about the size of area that needs to be heated and the style of burner you would like.

It is a particularly good idea to check the size and cost of logs you’ll need and whether you can buy them locally. Please also remember you will require an area to store your logs, preferably outdoors and dry.

Damp logs are simply no good for your burner and need to be air dried for at least 2 years, damp logs will cause soot build up and create extra cleaning.

Why are wood burning stoves so popular?

Wood-burners have become a sought-after design statement during the past decade.

They can provide a sense of charm and ambience to a property. Modern wood-burning stoves give your home that warm heart as you sit around with friends and family on winter evenings.

Can they really save you money? most certainly YES!

At first glance, it would appear that installing a wood-burner is a costly exercise, with owners spending upwards of £500 to get one installed. However, the long-term financial benefits are far more appealing as they can result in reducing the cost of other fuel sources.

Excellent quality dry wood can be found in most areas and prices differ from supplier to supplier. Obviously if you can source your own then the savings are generous indeed.

Expert advice is a must

For your protection and safety, you should always have a fully qualified professional install your wood/pellet burning appliance. At Kent Stoves (HETAS registered) we will evaluate everything for you to ensure your safety and maximise efficiency. 

Can we help?

If you require assistance, please do make contact and one of our fully qualified fitters will be happy to help.