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Environmentally friendly stove

The Government has introduced a certification for stoves that meets green standards. These appliances, soon to be the only available in stores, are labelled with an “eco-design” sticker and have improved air circulation that burns more cleanly.

As well as looking for this sticker, check the efficiency rating and emissions level on your stove. If you live in a smoke-controlled area, like London, the only stoves you can legally buy are DEFRA-approved smoke exempt ones, which have been tested for emission levels during all stages of normal operation.

Upgrade to an eco-friendly model  

If your stove is 10 years old or more, you should seriously think about replacing it as it may not meet environmental standards set in the future.

Stoves available on the market now release 90% fewer emissions than open fires and 80% fewer than the stoves of 10 years ago. Newly designed stoves are also 80% efficient, increased from 60% in 2008, meaning new owners get more heat for their money. Read more

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UK Stove Sale Increase

Sales of wood burning stoves continue to increase month on month as the UK public look for ways to reduce their heating bills. As the pound unfortunately gets weaker the cost of imported fuel rises, with the uncertain time ahead the UK public are turning to alternative ways of heating.

Installing a wood stove could go a long way to solving some of the issues. Using a wood burner as back up heating really makes sense as the heat generated can help reduce central heating cost massively.

Once you have installed the burner it is very important to use it to maximize efficiency and there some very simple rules to follow. One the majority of owners ignore is air circulation. Read more

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Time to consider?

Have you considered a wood burning stove which can be used as an excellent alternative to the main central heating system in your home? Instead of turning up the thermostat try lighting the burner and you will be able to reduce the thermostat in a cold spell. If your home is well insulated and draught free you could even leave doors open and the log burner will heat assist all-round the house.

As we all know energy prices keep on going up and this is, without doubt, causing problems for many households. The problem is this situation could well continue for the foreseeable future as the pound remains weak and the Brexit talks continue. So, ask your self is it time to explore the alternatives?

If the answer is yes, then have a very serious look into a wood burner. Once you have installed one you will immediately see a reduction in your heating bills, that is certain. Read more

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Rising fuel bills

Due to rising fuel bills homeowners are seeking alternative cost-effective heating options

Installing a wood burning stove is a real alternative, these days they offer an impressive range of options to meet your home’s needs. Long gone are the days when wood burners were seen as an ugly and dirty heating source. Facts are a professionally installed wood stove can increase the value of your home.

Installing a wood stove

If you have an existing chimney installing a wood stove is relatively easy. The fitter will usually insert a liner inside the existing chimney from the burner to the exit point. For straight chimneys this can made up of sections of jointed metal pipe, which can be either single or double skinned. A double skin is more airtight and lasts longer than a single skin but of course costs more. Read more

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Efficiency and a fashion statement

Installing a wood burner could be a very wise move.

There is a large range of wood burning stoves to choose from, ranging in price from £500 to more than £2,000. 

A key consideration is how much heat it will pump out. Years ago you had to live in the countryside to enjoy a wood burner, but technological improvements mean they can also provide a great heating solution in many town and city homes.

New environmental standards for particle emissions come into force in 2022 aimed at creating a cleaner atmosphere.  Already, stove manufacturers are rolling out eco-friendly burners with a Stove Industry Alliance Eco Design-ready stamp of approval. These reduce particle emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to an old-style stove. Read more