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Wood burners are becoming so popular these days

Wood-burners have become a sought-after design statement during the past decade.

They can provide a sense of charm and ambience to a property. Modern wood-burning stoves give your home that warm heart as you sit around with friends and family on winter evenings.

A professionally installed burner can increase the value of your home, estate agents will tell you that a home with a log burner is very sought after.  

Could this be a money saver?

At first glance, it would appear that installing a wood-burner is a costly exercise, with owners spending upwards of £675 to get one installed. However, the long-term financial benefits are far more appealing as they can result in reducing the cost of other fuel sources.

Excellent quality dry wood can be found in most areas and prices differ from supplier to supplier. Obviously if you can source your own then the savings are generous indeed.

Ever more popular this year

In total, over 265,000 wood-burners were installed last year, according to the Stove Industry Alliance. This is up from 215,000 in 2020.

Fuel costs as we all know are increasing rapidly with electricity and gas prices leading the way. Installing a wood burner will help keep these rises in check.

Need some advice?

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New generation stoves are good-looking and a very cost-effective heating solution

This year has started with a huge increase in sales!

Today’s wood heating appliances are designed for beauty and performance. A wood stove or fireplace insert can be the focal point of any room. Regardless of your taste, there is a stove designed for you and your budget. In fact, it is difficult to find ugly stoves or inserts nowadays. With so many beautiful stoves to choose from and the costs coming down this does make a great heating solution.

Another great advantage of wood heating is having heat when there is no power. There’s not much more satisfying than being warm and happy around your wood stove when all the lights in the neighbourhood are out. You’ll have that pioneer feeling, as you should. You thought ahead!

The biggest advantage homeowners have with a wood burning stove is the quality of heat the burner will give off. Wood stoves operate on the principal of radiant heat, which warms an area faster and more efficiently than warm air being blown through a home’s vent system.

The powerful heat from a wood stove radiates from all sides of the unit as well as the top, sending warmth in all directions. Fitted in a central position in your home you will be amazed how the rest of your house suddenly gets a whole lot warmer.

Can we assist?

If you would like to know more about heating with a wood burner, please make contact and one of our fully qualified fitters will be happy to help.


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It’s getting colder and we are spending more time at home

If you have a log burning stove you will no doubt see the full benefit this form of heating has to offer in the coming months.

Wood burning stoves are becoming more popular by the day as sales increase on an unprecedented scale. More households around the country are trying to reduce their heating bills and installing a stove can certainly help towards this aim.

With Covid19 we have to remain at home more than ever and to make this more enjoyable a lovely woodstove burning in the house helps.

One noticeably big mistake a lot of owners make is not using correctly matured timber to burn, damp logs can be dangerous and cause chimney fires.

Nothing will cause your stove to function less efficiently than to fill it with green wood, so to avoid the problem you should begin the seasoning process in the early spring if you want your wood to be ready by the next winter.

If you plan to use any wood that is larger than normal, you will need to set it out to dry even earlier than that. Essentially, you should be harvesting your wood about a year and a half in advance of when you actually plan to burn it.


Wood being dried should be stacked in open areas under cover where it will be exposed to the sun and the wind. If you put it in a shed, garage, or outdoors in the shade, you will inhibit the seasoning process significantly. Having said this if you are buying pre-seasoned wood from a supplier then any form of dry storage will normally be fine.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a new wood stove please do get expert advice as fitting the incorrect stove could prove costly. Should you require assistance please do make contact and one of our fully qualified (HETAS registered) fitters will be happy to assist.


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Burn hardwood only for a cleaner environment and more efficiency

For the serious wood stove enthusiast, you may want to invest in hardwoods like oak, ash, hickory, walnut, and fruit trees such as apple or cherry.

Hardwoods are denser woods that burn hotter and longer than softwoods, but you’ll need to let them season for up to 2 years.  (Ash is an exception and can be burnt a bit earlier although the wood burns best when seasoned.)

There is absolutely no point in burning unseasoned wood as you will be boiling water, and this is just inefficient and bad for the environment.

You’ll find that hardwood is more expensive to purchase than softwood like pine and fir. But the hardwood burns longer so you’ll need less wood.

The secret to a good fire, is wood that has been seasoned for more than a year. In the case of oak, you’ll want to season the wood at least two years, sometimes longer. Much of the wood for sale now is actually green and needs another year to season.

Seasoned wood burns better than green wood, because it produces more heat and less creosote build-up in the fireplace and chimney. Green or unseasoned wood, on the other hand, is hard to light and difficult to keep burning. If your wood smoulders and burns poorly with little heat, it’s probably green wood. That’s because unseasoned wood has a lot of liquid inside. Fact, one fresh-cut cord of oak is said to have enough water to fill as much as six 55-gallon drums.

You can tell if wood is seasoned by looking at it. On the outside, seasoned wood probably looks grey and dusty from sitting around for a while. But on the inside, it’s often dry and white, usually lighter than on the outside. New wood, on the other hand, looks like it came fresh from the timber mill with the same colour throughout the wood.

Can we assist?

If you would like help selecting and installing a new wood burning stove, please do make contact. We have fully qualified (HETAS) fitters and advisers waiting to take your enquiry.


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Time to find ways to say on your heating costs!

A wood stove could most certainly help you achieve this.


  • A fireplace and professionally fitted wood stove can add as much as 5% to the value of your home, thanks to its wow factor.
  • A modern wood burner is more efficient than many central heating systems and far more appealing to look at than a traditional white radiator. 
  • According to reports, regular use of a wood burner can knock a third off fuel bills, providing savings of at least £650 a year.

Use matured logs only

Wet or unseasoned logs will leave more sooty deposits and could increase the number of sweeps you need, so it’s best to use seasoned or kiln-dried wood to cut down on maintenance (minimum 2 years old). Read more