Why are wood burners becoming so popular?

Wood-burners have become a sought-after design statement during the past decade.

They can provide a sense of charm and ambience to a property. Modern wood-burning stoves give your home that warm heart as you sit around with friends and family on winter evenings.

A professionally installed burner can increase the value of your home, estate agents will tell you that a home with a log burner is very sought after.

Could this be a money saver?

At first glance, it would appear that installing a wood-burner is a costly exercise, with owners spending upwards of £625 to get one installed. However, the long-term financial benefits are far more appealing as they can result in reducing the cost of other fuel sources.

Excellent quality dry wood can be found in most areas and prices differ from supplier to supplier. Obviously if you can source your own then the savings are generous indeed.

Ever more popular this year

In total, over 200,000 wood-burners were installed last year, according to the Stove Industry Alliance. This is up from 191,000 in 2018.

Fuel costs as we all know are increasing rapidly with electricity and gas prices leading the way. Installing a wood burner will help keep these rises in check.

Need some advice?

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