Looking forward to winter?

You know the feeling – it’s cold and rainy outside, the wind is howling, and the sun went down hours ago.

But when you’re curled up on the sofa in front of a warm and toasty wood stove, you won’t give the weather a second thought.

And don’t think a wood-burning stove is only the preserve of a grand country pile – there are plenty of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, so even if your decor is ultra-modern or you’ve only got a compact space to slot one in, rest assured there’s a wood burner for you.

Plus, they will help cut your energy bills, giving off enough heat to warm an entire room. So if you’ve been thinking about investing in a wood-burning get some professional advice.

Use matured logs only

Wet or unseasoned logs will leave more sooty deposits and could increase the number of sweeps you need, so it’s best to use seasoned or kiln-dried wood to cut down on maintenance (minimum 2 years old).

If you have a pellet stove, you will also need to have a yearly service, as the stove has electrical working parts. This can cost around £150-£250. It’s also a good idea to clean out the ash from the ash pan and to clean the glass regularly. Keep in mind though that leaving a layer of ash can help to start a wood fire and keep it burning longer and cheaper.

It’s best to check the manufacturer’s guide for specific instructions on how often to clean your stove. If your stove has a cool air vent that helps to stop tar building up on the glass, you may not need to clean the ash or glass as often. Some stoves also have special clean-burn or clean-heat technologies, which pull in extra air to help burn off more smoke, reducing sooty deposits.

Can we help?

For all your wood burning appliance needs please get in contact and one of our registered (HETAS) fitters will be happy to assist.