Wood burning stoves

Very important safety precautions

Here at Kent Stoves we have a wide range of environmentally friendly stoves available with a selection of distinctive styles to suit any taste and home.

Most importantly is to select the correct stove for the area you are looking to heat, we have fully qualified HETAS advisers waiting to assist you. One very common error once you have had your stove installed is not to understand it’s benefits and how to use it safely. Below are a few tips to make your new stove safe and heat efficient now and in the future.

Store your wood correctly for efficiency

By using the correct wood, and storing it in a dry place, you can maximise the heat efficiency and reduce the harmful fumes that may be released. Wood should be dried for at least 18 months but preferably 24 months. For more information about choosing the correct fuel for your stove speak to our consultant.

Keep your stove clean of ash and debris

A large build-up of ash can damage your stove and potentially cause an unwanted fire! To prevent this, ash must be raked out regularly and placed in a metal ash bucket. It is very important to wait until the ashes have cooled before moving them.

Light your fire safely

Never use lighter fluid or charcoal to start the fire, they are not suitable for indoor use leading to the release of toxic gasses and even an explosion. Instead, use dry newspaper or safety fire lighters and small pieces of kindling, adding wood to the fire as it grows.

Have the chimney swept

You should have your chimney swept at least once a season, but if you use your burner everyday it is recommended to clean the chimney twice a season.

Following these steps will ensure your new burner will give you years of pleasure and plenty of cost-effective heat. If you would like to speak to a qualified fitter please do make contact and we will be happy to help.