Redesigning your home this year?

If you’re considering creating or redesigning your home this year, have you researched which features are essential for you? Apart from the appeal of a super new home do think about how you could improve the heating and in turn reduce costs.

There is nothing more magical for the family than gathering up the wood and settling down on the sofa, feet up, as the fire burns long into the evening.

Already you can see the benefit, but you will also save money by turning down the central heating that is for certain. Another hidden benefit is that your home will become more valuable with a professionally fitter burner, in some cases adding up to £10,000 in value!

As well as providing ambiance, a wood burner is a great aesthetic feature for your lovely abode, adding a quintessential charm.

In addition, they serve their fundamental purpose of providing warmth. The British weather can be unpredictable at times and the evenings can be known for being a little on the chilly side. The lure of gathering around a warm wood burner and being cuddled up with your loved ones could secure the conversion for newly designed home.


Well, like everything else “you only get what you pay for” but on the whole buying and installing does not need to be prohibitive. If you are re-designing your home adding in a wood-stove to the budget will save you money in the longer term. It is really important to get professional advice as to what stove will meet your needs.

Can we help?

If you would like assistance with choosing and fitting a stove please make contact and one of our fully regulated advisers will be happy to guide you.