Getting Maximum Efficiency From Your Stove

Is your stove delivering maximum efficiency?
The far higher efficiency delivered by advanced certified stoves is definitely relevant in day-to-day use. On average, the new stoves are about one-third more efficient than the old box, pot belly, or step stoves of yesteryear.
That’s one-third less cost if you buy firewood, or one-third less cutting, hauling and stacking if you cut your own.
In terms of durability, there is not much difference these days. Cast stoves used to have the edge because any part that failed from heat stress could be replaced. But now, having learned their lessons, the reputable steel stove makers have designed their products so that the highly-stressed internal parts are replaceable.
This is one area to watch out for when shopping. Sometimes cheap stoves are not designed for years of continuous winter use, and key parts may be welded in, so it is wise to ask the dealer to show you which parts are replaceable.
If your wood stove is old it may well be time to review its maximum efficiency as the new generation burners can save a great deal of money in the longer term.
We at Kent-Stoves pride ourselves on attention to detail as we know choosing the correct stove to suit your needs is a tough task. Our engineers can help you select the correct stove to heat your home efficiently and within your budget.
Safety and expert advice
For safety and to maximise efficiency, you should always have a professional install your wood or pellet burning appliance. A professional will carefully evaluate everything from your chimney to your floor protection. A certified professional can also help you choose the best appliance to heat your home.
Can we be of assistance?
If your wish to have your current wood stove reviewed or indeed require help choosing a new appliance please do make contact and one of our qualified fitters will be happy to assist.


Maximum Efficiency