Covid-19, Kent Stoves supporting you.

Covid-19, Kent Stoves supporting you.

In these hard and strange times the need to save money on our heating bills becomes ever more important. With this in mind we are taking survey appointments for the future and as soon as the lockdown is relaxed we will contact you with proposed dates.

Please make contact and we will add your details to our ever-growing list. In certain circumstances if you can send us photographs we can give you an indication of installation costs.

Perfect wood for your stove.

To make sure you get the most out of your wood-burning stove, and do not create additional pollution to the atmosphere, it is important to use the right kind of wood.

Very Important

First and foremost, you need to burn wood that is as dry as possible – it should only contain less than 20% moisture.

You can reduce the moisture content of freshly cut wood by drying it yourself, which is called seasoning. To do this, it’s best to store the wood in a dry place for at least a year, preferably two. To help you work out how dry your wood is, you can also buy a moisture meter – these cost around £20.

For the best results, the wood should be left on a dry surface protected from rain. Leave the sides exposed to air and wind, as it will speed up the drying process. You can buy dedicated wood stores to help with this.

Can we help?

If you are thinking of installing a wood burning stove please contact us and one of our fully qualified (HETAS Registered) advisers will be happy to assist