Avoid Rising Heating Bills!

Great value stoves

A wood burning stove can be a great focal point in your living room, creating a warm, cosy feel. It can also be a practical way to cut or avoid rising heating bills – a recent survey of 1,000 stove owners showed 74% believe getting a stove had saved them money on fuel costs. If you can source a good wood supply at a low price the savings you can make on your heating bills will be very beneficial. One of our clients from last year said “we installed our burner last October and the savings we made on our heating costs were substantial”. “We found a local supplier of matured logs at a good price and the savings followed”. Read more

Getting Maximum Efficiency From Your Stove

Is your stove delivering maximum efficiency?
The far higher efficiency delivered by advanced certified stoves is definitely relevant in day-to-day use. On average, the new stoves are about one-third more efficient than the old box, pot belly, or step stoves of yesteryear.
That’s one-third less cost if you buy firewood, or one-third less cutting, hauling and stacking if you cut your own. Read more

Wood Burning Stoves Use A Renewable Fuel Source

A great green heating solution with renewable fuel source

The “green aspect”  of using a renewable source of heating in your home hardly needs explanation. Our Wood burning Stoves use Wood because it’s an easily obtained renewable fuel source. There’s a zero-sum impact in carbon emission as well. When a tree falls in the woods and takes 50 years to completely rot away, ever so slowly it gives off heat, water and CO2, and leaves its mineral content in the forest.

When you burn wood the exact same thing happens only obviously much more quickly. No additional by-products are produced at all, basically replicating natures actions at a greater pace. Read more

Do Woodburning Stoves Save You Money ?

Saving money?
Most people don’t get a wood burning stove for the cost benefits. Although there might be some saving in terms of money and carbon emissions, stoves are mostly attractive because they are cosy and homely. The best way to save money with a stove is to source your fuel as cheaply as possible – you may find that a local tree surgeon can help you with this.
Making best use Read more

Do Briquettes Burn Hotter In Stoves



Briquettes burn hotter and cleaner, are cheaper to buy, and much easier to store and handle – so why do so few people with open fires and wood-burning stoves use recycled wood briquettes to heat their home?

Big in Europe, but still largely untried by many fire users in the UK – particularly in the south – those selling them claim that once you have tried briquettes, you’ll never go back to hauling piles of logs off your drive. Read more

3 Good Reasons Why

Three good reasons for a wood stove

Nothing creates the perfect ambiance on a cold winter’s day than the warmth from a wood burner. The popularity of burning wood has significantly increased in the last few years and some of the reasons for this include: controlling costs by moving to a more sustainable fuel, wanting to become more carbon-neutral or simply wanting to enjoy a real fire! Read more

Why Cast Iron ?

Why cast Iron stove?

Over the water in Europe, cast iron was a material used for the manufacture of wood burning stoves; their purpose to provide essential warmth for the home. Facilitated by the extensive acreage of forest that supplied the logs for wood burning, continental Europe led the way in utilising this effective method of heating for its frequently long and bitterly cold winters. Read more

Service is top of the list

Service is top of the list Choosing a wood or pellet stove to meet your needs can be a very daunting task as the choices seem endless.  Kent-Stoves have fully qualified fitters and engineers to help you make the right choice for your home. When selecting the stove to meet your needs there are many […]


Logs or Pellet

Logs or Pellet Logs There is far less manufacturing involved with logs than there is with pellets and chips – or indeed none if you collect already fallen wood yourself – making burning this type of wood very eco-friendly. However, you’ll have to factor in either drying time or cost. Obviously the cheapest fuel for […]


Selecting your stove

Selecting your stove Now is a very good time to start planning your heating for the winter as the summer months can offer some very attractive deals. When choosing a wood or pellet burning appliance, it’s important to select one that’s properly sized for the space to be heated. When an appliance is too big, […]